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Mon-Fri 7:00AM - 3:35PM
Sat - 7:30AM-1:00PM










About us

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  • Doors
  • Solid Steel Windows
  • Wrought Iron
  • Gates & Rails
  • Misc.

Our Vision;

  • To build an international Organization on the pillars of Quality, Value & Service, to serve the needs of the population at large.

To become the most trusted and dependable supplier for "Good Quality Essential Products & Services", taking into consideration Needs, Functionality, Durability & Cost.

To ensure that everyone's essential needs are met.


Our Mission

Our mission is on stream for the first phase of our vision i.e. accumulating a finance base and we need your support to do so. For this we promise to serve all our customers exactly as we want to be served. Therefore you can trust that, we will do our best to provide you with a friendly, efficient, value for money service.

Our Customers

We are renowned for providing quality products and services @ competitive prices and our Customer's satisfaction.

We need you for us to exist so naturally our existence depends on your satisfaction. Therefore you are like our breath hence we are compelled to do all we possibly can to serve you well i.e. with self-respect or perish. 

Rest assured we will do our best to make you another satisfied customer.