CUV 207 UV Clarifier

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VAT Inc.

Effectively eliminates algae and harmful bacteria in ponds and water features, promoting clear and healthy water conditions. With its compact design and powerful UV technology, it provides reliable sterilization for maintaining pristine water quality.

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The UVC clarifier is an effective solution for maintaining the cleanliness of pond water. With the power of UV radiation, bacteria, germs, and turbidity are effectively eliminated. UV radiation targets and neutralizes harmful microorganisms and suspended particles, ensuring a cleaner pond environment. Additionally, cleaning bacteria that are bound to surfaces are not affected by the radiation.

Changing the lamp and cleaning the quartz glass is made easy with a quick closure feature, allowing for convenient maintenance.

Furthermore, the ultraviolet sterilizer plays a crucial role in eliminating algae from the water. The UV sterilization process disrupts the tertiary and quaternary structures of algae proteins, leading to their destruction. Subsequently, these broken-down algae particles are easily removed from the water through mechanical filtration, contributing to a clearer and healthier pond.

Product Specification:
Power consumption: 11W
UV-C: 7W
UV-C (%) 8000 hours: 80
Capacity (L): 6000
Maximum pressure (Bar): 0.3
Through Flow (L/H): 1200
Inlet and outlet adapter: 16/20mm
Power cord: 3m
Length: 242mm


Weight 1.270059 kg
Dimensions 24.2 cm

Technical Specifications

Power Consumption 11w
Capacity 6000L
Maximum Pressure 0.3 Bar
Through Flow(L/H) 1200
Inlet/Outlet Adapter 16/20 mm
Power Cord 3m