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The UV clarifies the water by reducing the number of free swimming algae; bacteria; virus; fungi and protozoans. Offer a healthy environment to fish. When water under irradiation of wavelength in 235.7 nm?s ultraviolet radiation in a short period; the germ and pathogen in the water will be killed then. This UV clarifying of 5 series can be used both for submersible or outside the water. This UV clarifying fix to HQJ-500G/700G/900G/1500G and JP022-025 pump.

USD 148.15 VAT Inc.

  • TTD: TTD 1,000.01

Weight 3.1 kg

Technical Specifications

Model: CUV-224
Power Consumption: 27W
UV Lamp: 24W
UV/C (%):? 85(%) 8000Hours?
Capacity: 35000L
Max pressure through: 0.39BAR
Max flow-through: 4500 L/H