Gold rams

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Gold Rams, also known as Gold Ram Cichlids, are striking freshwater fish prized for their vibrant golden coloration and peaceful demeanor, making them an excellent addition to community aquariums.

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Gold Rams (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi) are a popular variant of the Ram Cichlid species, prized for their stunning golden coloration and peaceful temperament. Originating from South America, specifically the Orinoco River basin and surrounding areas in Venezuela and Colombia, Gold Rams are a relatively small and docile species ideal for community aquariums.

These beautiful cichlids exhibit a bright golden-yellow hue, which intensifies during breeding and periods of excitement. Their bodies are adorned with distinctive black markings, including a prominent black spot on their sides and faint vertical bars along their flanks. Unlike their wild counterparts, Gold Rams are selectively bred for their striking coloration, making them a sought-after choice among aquarists.