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Silent operation; high performance; ease of maintenance. A powerful pump rotor creates a strong and continuous stream of water in the aquarium. This pump is used for pumping water into the aquarium; and to create water circulation. Also it can perform simple mechanical filtration thanks to a foam sponge; specially worn on it. The pump is easy to maintain and maintain; completely sealed. 3 powerful suction cups guarantee a secure fit on the wall of the aquarium.

USD 26.97 VAT Inc.

  • TTD: TTD 182.05

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 13.1 × 6.8 × 16 cm

Technical Specifications

Voltage: 110v
Power Consumption: 35w
Height Max: 2.5m
Output: 1600 L/H
Weight: 1.0kg
Dimensions: 131x68x160 mm