NFT Channel – w. holes – 50X100X10ft

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VAT Inc.

Take your hydroponic farming to new heights of efficiency and productivity with NFT Channels. Discover the endless possibilities they offer for healthy plant growth, space optimization, and sustainable agriculture.

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Discover the efficiency and productivity of our NFT Channel, the ultimate growing system for your plants. Say goodbye to traditional soil-based methods and embrace a land-saving solution that maximizes your yield potential.
Our NFT Channel provides a stable and high-productivity environment for your plants, allowing them to thrive without the need for soil. This innovative system utilizes nutrient-rich water, delivering essential elements directly to the plant roots for optimal growth.
Crafted from durable materials, our NFT Channel is built to last, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. Experience the benefits of a low-maintenance, space-saving solution that revolutionizes your growing experience.
Invest in our NFT Channel today and witness the efficient, productive future of gardening.
Key Features:
Efficient growing system for maximum productivity
Land-saving design eliminates the need for soil.
Stable environment promotes optimal plant growth
Durable construction for long-lasting performance


Weight 7.529633 kg
Dimensions 300 × 10.16 × 5.08 cm

Technical Specifications

Water Flow Width 2” x 4”
Length 3m
thickness 2mm