Porpoise Flake Food – 10kg

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These high-quality flakes offer a nutritious and convenient feeding option for a variety of fish species. Packed with essential nutrients, they promote optimal health and vitality in your aquarium or pond inhabitants.

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Elevate the diet of your aquatic companions with Porpoise’s Flake Food in a convenient 10kg pack. This premium flake food is meticulously crafted to provide a well-rounded and nutritious diet for a variety of fish species, including tropical and freshwater fish. Flake Food by Porpoise consists of a blend of high-quality ingredients, offering essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to support the overall health, vitality, and color vibrancy of your fish. Trust Porpoise for a scientifically formulated flake food that enhances the well-being and natural beauty of your aquatic friends.

Key Features:
Versatile Flake Formula: Porpoise’s Flake Food is suitable for a variety of fish species, including tropical and freshwater fish, providing a versatile and nutritious diet.
Optimal Health and Vitality: The carefully selected blend of high-quality ingredients ensures that your fish receives essential nutrients for overall health, vitality, and energy.
10kg Pack: The convenient 10kg pack size offers a substantial supply of Flake Food, making it practical for regular feeding and maintaining the well-being of your aquarium or pond fish.
Premium Quality: Porpoise is a trusted brand known for its commitment to quality and scientifically formulated aquatic products. Choose Porpoise for the health and happiness of your fish.
Color Vibrancy: Regular feeding with Flake Food enhances the natural colors of your fish, contributing to a vibrant and visually appealing aquatic environment.


Weight 10 kg