Porpoise Pro Growth Koi Food – 20kg

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Formulated to promote rapid growth and vibrant colors, this high-quality koi food provides essential nutrients for the health and vitality of your prized fish. With its balanced ingredients, it supports optimal development and enhances the beauty of your koi pond.

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Nourish your prized koi with our Pro-Growth Koi Food in a generous 20kg pack, specially formulated by Porpoise. This premium koi food is designed to support the growth, health, and vibrant colors of your cherished koi fish. With a carefully crafted blend of high-quality ingredients, including essential vitamins and minerals, this Pro-Growth Koi Food promotes optimal nutrition for your koi, ensuring they thrive in your pond or water feature. Choose Porpoise for a trusted and scientifically formulated koi food that caters to the unique dietary needs of your beautiful koi.

Key Features:
Pro-Growth Formula: Porpoise’s Pro-Growth Koi Food is formulated to provide the essential nutrients needed for the healthy growth and development of your koi fish.
Vibrant Colors: Enhance the natural colors of your koi with this specially crafted koi food, promoting vibrant and eye-catching hues that add beauty to your pond.
High-Quality Ingredients: Crafted with a blend of high-quality ingredients, this koi food offers a well-rounded and nutritious diet to support the overall well-being of your koi fish.
20kg Pack: The generous 20kg pack size ensures you have an ample supply of Pro-Growth Koi Food, making it convenient for regular feeding and ensuring the continued health of your koi.
Trusted Porpoise Brand: Porpoise is a trusted brand known for its commitment to quality and scientifically formulated aquatic products. Choose Porpoise for the well-being of your koi.


Weight 20 kg