5W 4 pin

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Efficient and reliable UV bulb with a 5W power rating and 4-pin configuration for optimal performance in various UV styrelization systems.

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Enhance your UV sterilization system with this high-quality UV bulb featuring a 5W power rating and a 4-pin design, ensuring efficient and effective sterilization of water in aquariums, ponds, and other water treatment applications. Engineered for longevity and reliability, this UV bulb emits ultraviolet light at the ideal wavelength to eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, and algae, promoting clearer and healthier water conditions for your aquatic environment. With its compact size and easy-to-install 4-pin configuration, this UV bulb is compatible with a wide range of UV sterilizers, making it a versatile choice for both freshwater and saltwater setups. Trust in its consistent performance and durability to maintain optimal water quality and clarity in your aquatic habitat.


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