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The product adopts electric magnetic motor; and the air is produced by piston in the way of straight- line and reciprocal motion and it has more reasonable structure. Non- oil lubrication and pure compressed air. Adopt SF1 new-type wearing-resistant material for the piston and cylinder; which is of low power consumption; large air output and high air pressure. The case ?s made of high-quality ZL1O2 aluminum alloy with streamline design; and heat-dissipation is more effective. Phosphatize disposition; regular coloring and adhesive strength. Applications:It is used for planting aquarium plant; aerating for seafood in hotels; restaurants; seafood booths; and feeding pool etc. It is also used for air supply to spare parts of food machine; medical ?instrument; belching lamp and new type paint; making and designing advertising LPG and LNG etc. NOTE:Place the machine above water level to protect water from flowing backwards; or it should be fit with a non- return valve.

USD 133.34 VAT Inc.

  • TTD: TTD 900.05

Weight 3.3 kg
Dimensions 22.3 × 10.1 × 15.2 cm

Technical Specifications

Model: Aco-006
Voltage: 110v
Power Consumption: 105w
Pressure: 0.04mpa
Output: 85l/min
Weight: 3.3kg
Dimensions: 223*101*152mm