Dark Grey Glass 96″ x 72″ (5mm)

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Elevate your space with a sophisticated touch, combining sleek design and modern aesthetics in a refined shade of deep charcoal, perfect for contemporary interiors.

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Dark Grey Glass ? an embodiment of modern elegance and versatility, perfect for those seeking a sleek and contemporary design element for their living or working spaces. The dark grey tint adds a touch of sophistication while maintaining transparency, allowing natural light to grace your interiors. Whether used for windows, doors, or decorative applications, Dark Grey Glass seamlessly blends style with functionality.

Key Features:
Contemporary Sophistication: The dark grey hue brings a contemporary and sophisticated touch to your spaces, creating a modern and stylish ambiance.
Transparency with Privacy: Balancing transparency and privacy, Dark Grey Glass allows ample natural light while offering a subtle shield from prying eyes.
Sleek Aesthetic: The sleek appearance of dark grey glass complements various design styles, making it a versatile choice for diverse interior applications.
Light Control: Effectively controls the intensity of incoming sunlight, reducing glare and creating a comfortable environment.

Color: Dark Grey
Type: Tinted Glass
Thickness: 5MM
Size: 96″x72″

Elevate your interiors with the modern and sleek appeal of Dark Grey Glass ? where contemporary design meets functionality.


Dimensions 182.88 × 0.5 cm

Technical Specifications

Glass colour Dark Grey
Thickness 5mm
Size 96in x 72in