HG370 Air Blower Pump

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Designed for larger aquariums, this air blower pump delivers strong and consistent aeration. With its reliable performance and durable build, it ensures adequate oxygenation for your aquatic inhabitants.

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Introducing the Sun Sun HG 370 C Whirl Charging Air Blower Pump, an ideal choice for both pond and industrial fish farming, as well as various technological processes requiring robust aeration. This versatile pump is perfect for applications such as compost “tea brewing,” wastewater aeration, hydromassage systems, and industrial production.

Key Features:
Sturdy cast aluminum housing with a high Phosphorization finish.
Fully retained impeller design to prevent vane fracture and pump failure.
Special annular chamber for smooth airflow, minimizing noise production.
Excellent heat dispersion with aluminum housing to prevent over-thermal issues.
Inlet filter lid to prevent impeller clogging from dust and solids.
Outlet silencer for reduced operational noise.
Oil-free output, making it suitable for aquaculture, fish farming, pool bubble systems, and healthcare applications.
Can also function as a vacuum pump.

Product Specifications:
Voltage: 220V/380V/50Hz
Pressure: 12KPa
Power: 370W
Vacuum: -HKPa
Output: 60m?/h
Pressure: < 10KPa Weight: 12kg Dimension: 279?240?266mm Choose the Sun Sun HG 370 C for reliable and efficient aeration in a variety of settings, backed by its durable construction and versatile features.


Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 27.9 × 24 × 26.6 cm