Hoseki Cichild Fish Food, Sinking Pellet, 20kg/Bag

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Specifically crafted sinking pellets designed to meet the nutritional needs of cichlid fish species, promoting vibrant colors and optimal health. With its high-quality ingredients, it supports growth and vitality in your cichlid aquarium community.

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Elevate the diet of your cichlids with Hoseki’s Cichlid Fish Food, Sinking Pellets, in a generous 20kg bag. Specially formulated to meet the unique dietary needs of cichlids, these sinking pellets provide a well-rounded and nutritious meal that supports their health, vibrant colors, and overall vitality. The Hoseki Cichlid Fish Food is crafted with a blend of high-quality ingredients, including essential nutrients and vitamins, ensuring optimal well-being for your cichlid fish. Trust Hoseki for a scientifically formulated fish food that combines quality and convenience for your aquatic companions.

Key Features:
Sinking Pellet Formula: Hoseki’s Cichlid Fish Food is designed as sinking pellets, ensuring that it reaches all levels of your aquarium or pond, catering to the feeding habits of cichlids.
Specialized Cichlid Nutrition: Expertly formulated to cater to the specific nutritional requirements of cichlids, this fish food promotes their health, vibrant colors, and overall vitality.
20kg Bag: The generous 20kg bag size provides a convenient and ample supply of Cichlid Fish Food, making it practical for regular feeding and maintaining the well-being of your aquatic companions.
Premium Quality: Hoseki is a trusted brand committed to quality, and this fish food reflects the brand’s dedication to providing scientifically formulated and nutritionally balanced products for your cichlids.
Vibrant Colors: Regular feeding with Cichlid Fish Food enhances the natural colors of your cichlids, creating a visually stunning and lively aquatic environment.


Weight 20 kg