Perlite 3-6mm: 100L

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Looking for the secret to thriving plants? Perlite is here to revolutionize your gardening game. Say goodbye to waterlogged roots and hello to healthy, well-aerated soil!

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Introducing our Premium Perlite ? a horticultural essential designed to enhance soil structure and promote optimal plant growth. Mined from volcanic glass and processed to perfection, our Perlite is a lightweight and versatile addition to your gardening toolkit.

Key Features:
Lightweight and Aerated: Our Premium Perlite is exceptionally lightweight, improving soil aeration and drainage. This creates a well-ventilated environment for plant roots, preventing soil compaction and promoting robust growth.
Enhanced Root Development: The porous nature of Perlite encourages healthy root development by allowing roots to penetrate easily, access oxygen, and absorb nutrients. This results in stronger, more resilient plants.
Neutral pH: Maintaining a neutral pH, our Perlite is suitable for a wide range of plants. It won’t alter the acidity or alkalinity of the soil, providing a stable foundation for various gardening applications.
Inorganic and Sterile: Perlite is inorganic and sterile, minimizing the risk of pests and diseases. This makes it a clean and reliable choice for seed starting, propagation, and container gardening.
Versatile Applications: Whether you’re creating a custom potting mix, improving garden soil, or aiding hydroponic systems, our Perlite adapts effortlessly to diverse horticultural needs.
Sustainable Sourcing: Committed to eco-friendly practices, our Perlite is responsibly sourced and processed, ensuring a product that aligns with sustainable gardening principles.

How to Use:
Potting Mix: Blend Perlite into your potting mix to improve aeration and drainage.
Seed Starting: Create a light and airy seed-starting mix by incorporating Perlite.
Hydroponics: Use Perlite as a hydroponic growing medium for optimal root oxygenation.
Soil Amendment: Improve garden soil by mixing Perlite to break up compacted soil and enhance structure.


Weight 8.164663 kg

Technical Specifications

Volume 3.53c/ft
Dimensions 3-6mm


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