Porpoise Super Growth Koi Food – 20kg

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Engineered for accelerated growth and enhanced vitality, this premium koi food delivers essential nutrients for optimal development. With its specialized formulation, it fosters rapid growth and robust health in your prized koi.

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Fuel the exceptional growth and vitality of your koi with Porpoise’s Super Growth Koi Food (Sinking) in a substantial 20kg pack. This premium sinking koi food is meticulously formulated to provide a nutrient-rich diet that supports rapid growth and overall health. The Super Growth formula by Porpoise contains a carefully balanced blend of high-quality ingredients, including essential proteins and vitamins, promoting robust development in your koi fish. Trust Porpoise for a scientifically crafted koi food that caters to the unique dietary needs of growing koi, ensuring they thrive and reach their full potential.

Key Features:
Super Growth Formula: Porpoise’s Super Growth Koi Food is specially formulated to support rapid growth and development in koi fish, providing a nutrient-rich diet for optimal results.
Sinking Pellets: Designed as sinking pellets, this koi food ensures that it reaches all levels of your pond, catering to the feeding habits of koi and promoting a balanced and healthy environment.
20kg Pack: The generous 20kg pack size ensures a substantial supply of Super Growth Koi Food, making it practical for regular feeding and promoting the robust development of your koi.
Premium Quality: Porpoise is a trusted brand known for its commitment to quality and scientifically formulated aquatic products. Choose Porpoise for the health and happiness of your growing koi.
Optimal Protein: The carefully selected blend of high-quality ingredients provides optimal protein levels, essential for the rapid growth and muscle development of your koi fish.


Weight 20 kg