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Provides for a stable and biological balance in ponds and improves significantly the quality of water; yet without any chemicals. Along with the appropriate pump (not included in the supply; please note the pond pump’s maximum volume capacity); this ensures for clear water; thus creating healthy surroundings for the pond inhabitants. Biological and mechanical filter chambers for more efficient removal of dissolved and solid waste. Simple quick handle cleaning system for easy maintenance (no need to open and clean foams all the time). Enables rapid growth of aerobic bacteria resulting in removal of lethal ammonia and nitrite. Able to cope with higher water flows compared to traditional gravity filters. Complete with inlet and outlet hose adapters



One of the most reliable and powerful types of pond filters is the CPF-pressure pond filter series, which combines the most advanced UV technology with a high-performance bio-mechanical filter in a small package. They can also be referred to as the filters of the new generation of pond filters.

Unremarkably, the filter is buried along the pond’s edge. The pond technology virtually vanishes due to the small building method. The top cover contains all connections as well as information on the whole area of technology.
Let’s have a quick look at the features and specifications of this fantastic product.

Volt: 230V/50Hz
Watt: 11
ltr/hour: 6000ltr
Input/Output: 32/38/50mm

Due to the inbuilt cleaning function in the lid, it can be cleaned easily
A perfect blend of UV and filter technology
Comes with an integrated clogging indicator
Best device for fast and effective cleaning

It’s advisable to check the manufacturer’s latest product specifications, customer reviews, and user manuals for the most accurate and up-to-date information. Always follow proper installation and maintenance guidelines to ensure the effective and safe operation of the filter in your aquarium.


Weight 5.75 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 40.5 cm


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