CSF 400 Pond Bio Filter

USD 216.97

  • TTD: T$ 1,464.55
VAT Inc.

Keep your pond water clean and healthy with the CSF 400 Pond Bio Filter, featuring advanced filtration technology for optimal water quality.



The CSF 400 Pond Bio Filter is your solution for maintaining crystal-clear water in your pond. Designed with advanced biological and mechanical filtration capabilities, this filter effectively removes debris, fish waste, and harmful contaminants, promoting a healthy aquatic environment for your fish and plants. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, while the compact design allows for easy integration into any pond setup. Equipped with a UV clarifier, it also helps control algae growth for pristine water clarity. Easy to install and maintain, this bio filter is suitable for ponds of various sizes and is an essential component for any pond enthusiast. Trust the CSF 400 to keep your pond water clean and vibrant year-round.


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