CUV 111 UV Clarifier

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Compact yet powerful, this UV clarifier efficiently eliminates algae and harmful bacteria in ponds, ensuring crystal-clear and healthy water conditions. With its easy installation and effective UV technology, it’s an essential tool for maintaining optimal water quality in your aquatic environment.

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Introducing the CUV-111, a cutting-edge UV Sterilizer designed to revolutionize water treatment in your aquarium or pond. Meticulously engineered for optimal performance, this sterilizer utilizes advanced UV-C technology to eliminate harmful pathogens and ensure a pristine aquatic environment.
The CUV-111 UV Sterilizer employs a high-intensity UV-C lamp to effectively neutralize bacteria, viruses, and algae, promoting crystal-clear water clarity. With a durable and compact design, this sterilizer is easy to install and suitable for both freshwater and marine setups. Say goodbye to waterborne nuisances and hello to a healthier habitat for your aquatic companions.

Product Specification:
Power consumption: 15W
UV-C: 11W
UV-C (%) 8000 hours: 80
Capacity (L): 10000
Maximum pressure (Bar): 0.3
Through Flow (L/H): 1700
Inlet and outlet adapter: 20/25/32/38mm
Power cord: 1/4m
Length: 314mm

Key Features:
Advanced UV-C Technology for Pathogen Elimination
High-Intensity UV-C Lamp for Water Clarity
Suitable for Freshwater and Marine Environments
Durable and Compact Design
Easy Installation and Maintenance

Upgrade your aquatic sanctuary with the CUV-111 UV Sterilizer and experience the transformative power of advanced water treatment.


Dimensions 31.4 cm

Technical Specifications

Power Consumption 15w
Capacity 10000L
Maximum Pressure 0.3 Bar
Through Flow(L/H) 1700
Inlet/Outlet Adapter 20/25/32/38 mm
Power Cord 0.25 m