Aquarium Sand GP03

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VAT Inc.

Achieve a striking contrast in your aquarium with this coarse-grained sand. Suitable for larger tanks, its rugged texture adds depth and dimension to your aquatic landscape.

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Elevate your aquarium’s water purification with GP-03 Bamboo Carbon – Nature’s Filter for a Clear and Crisp Underwater Haven! Sourced from premium bamboo, this activated carbon is a natural solution for effectively removing impurities, odors, and discoloration from your aquarium water. The GP-03 Bamboo Carbon is specifically designed for use in aquarium filters, providing a sustainable and eco-friendly way to achieve crystal-clear water. Transform your aquatic environment with the power of nature’s own filtration system with GP-03 Bamboo Carbon.

Key Features:
Activated Bamboo Carbon: Premium bamboo carbon effectively removes impurities, odours, and discoloration.
Natural Filtration: Harnesses the power of nature to purify aquarium water.
Aquarium Filter Integration: Designed for easy placement in various types of aquarium filtration systems.
Eco-Friendly: Sourced from sustainable bamboo for an environmentally conscious choice.
Crystal-Clear Water: Enhances water clarity for a pristine and visually appealing underwater habitat.

Immerse your aquarium in the purity of nature with GP-03 Bamboo Carbon – where clarity meets eco-friendly filtration beneath the waves!