HJ742 Filter

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Designed for aquariums, this filter efficiently removes impurities and ensures optimal water quality. With its compact size and reliable performance, it provides effective filtration for a thriving aquatic ecosystem.

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Introducing the HJ-742 Aquarium Filter ? Redefining Aquatic Purity with Unmatched Precision! Crafted for aquarium enthusiasts who demand excellence, this filter combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features. The HJ-742 guarantees a pristine aquatic environment, thanks to its multi-stage filtration, adjustable settings, and low-maintenance design. Elevate your aquarium experience with this state-of-the-art filter that brings clarity, health, and serenity to your underwater world.

Key Features:
Multi-Stage Filtration: Mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration for comprehensive water purification.
Adjustable Water Flow: Customize water flow to suit the unique needs of your aquarium inhabitants.
Effortless Installation: Simple setup for both beginners and experienced aquarium enthusiasts.
Low-Maintenance Design: Spend more time enjoying your aquarium and less time on maintenance.
Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums of various sizes.
Immerse yourself in aquatic excellence with the HJ-742 ? where innovation meets tranquility beneath the waves!


Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 9.8 × 6.6 × 9.8 cm

Technical Specifications

Rated Voltage 110V/220V/240V
Rated Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Rated Power 8W
H-max 1.0m
Hose Adapter 13mm
Maximum flow 600L/h