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Novel design and generous; use the variable frequency technology; small power; large flow; high head; super mute and both sea and land. Use ceramic shaft; wear resistance; no rust; long service life; both fresh and sea water; do not contain copper element. This product realizes free tool demolition; easy to clean. The outlet realize multistage over; Suitable for a variety of pipe diameter connection. The locked-rotor protection function (immediately cut off power after water leaf card dead).

USD 1,028.00 VAT Inc.

  • TTD: TTD 6,939.00

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 25.2 × 12.3 × 13.7 cm

Technical Specifications

Model: Jtp-8000
Voltage: 110v
Power Consumption: 60w
Height Max: 4.8m
Output: 8000 L/H
Inlet height h1: 65mm
Dimensions: 252x123x137mm