Net Cup 2” Standard

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Support your plants and allow the roots to grow freely while providing adequate drainage with our Net Cups.

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Elevate your hydroponic or soil-based gardening with our Net Cups. Designed to provide optimal support for your plants, facilitating healthy root growth and ensuring a thriving garden. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting, our Net Cups are an essential addition to your cultivation toolkit.

Key Features:
Sturdy Construction
Excellent Aeration
Versatile Sizing: Available in 2? and 3? options, these cups cater to a variety of plant types and sizes

Product Specifications:
Sizes: 2?
Material: Durable and long-lasting construction
Quantity: Sold in packs for convenience
Usage: Suitable for hydroponic systems, seed starting, and traditional soil-based gardening

Enhanced Plant Health
Flexible Application
Easy Transplanting
Space Optimization


Dimensions 6 × 5.5 cm

Technical Specifications

Material Plastic
Colour Black
Dimensions 6 cm x 5.5 cm