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Twig Fish, also known as Twig Catfish or Whiptail Catfish, are unique freshwater aquarium fish characterized by their elongated body and twig-like appearance. They are peaceful bottom-dwellers that add an interesting touch to any aquarium setup with their camouflage and fascinating behavior.

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Twig Fish, scientifically known as Farlowella acus, are fascinating freshwater catfish species native to South America. They possess an elongated, slender body with a twig-like appearance, allowing them to blend seamlessly into their environment. Twig Fish are peaceful and prefer to dwell at the bottom of the aquarium, where they forage for algae and small invertebrates. Their unique appearance and behavior make them intriguing additions to planted aquariums or aquascapes, where they can be observed mimicking twigs or branches. These catfish are best kept in aquariums with ample hiding spots, such as driftwood or dense vegetation, to provide them with security and shelter. Twig Fish are herbivorous and primarily feed on algae, so a well-established aquarium with natural algae growth is ideal for their dietary needs. They are generally compatible with other peaceful freshwater fish species but may become territorial towards their own kind or similar-looking bottom-dwellers. Providing a sandy substrate and gentle water flow mimicking their natural habitat will help ensure their well-being in captivity. Twig Fish are relatively hardy and easy to care for, making them suitable for beginner and experienced aquarists alike.